A Glance of India

INDIA – a land where legends and history come together in a stampede of a million monuments and where religion crackles and pops in every market and bazaar. It is a magic place where you can start the day drinking smoky tea with desert nomads as the camel bells tinkle and end it by drinking gin with a maharaja. Thousands of years of heritage have left behind monuments that speak of beauty, of valour, of opulence and splendour. Every conquest and influence has left its own touch and has been assimilated into the Indian subconscious. The Rajput forts and palaces, the Moghul gardens and monuments, the princely estates, the exquisitely carved temples, all speak of the riches and the grandeur of the past.
A living, throbbing tradition, the contrasts and inconsistencies in this country are mind-boggling. And yet, one has only to see the enthusiasm and verve with which the people of India celebrate their religious festivals, the healthy tolerance and ready acceptance that is practiced towards other faiths and religions, to explain the vast pantheon of gods and myriad beliefs of this land It is a land where temple elephants exist amicably with the microchip. Its ancient monuments are the backdrops for the world’s largest democracy where atomic energy is generated and industrial development has brought the country within the world’s top ten nations. Today, India is a nation where fishermen along the country’s coastline fashion simple fishing boats in a centuries old tradition while, a few miles away, motor vehicles glide off conveyor belts in state-of-the-art factories.
Geographically India has 3,287,263, To have a candid and vivid experience through the astonishing and exciting land, come and explore India with us. A country as large as Europe and a million times more diverse from its peoples to its languages, religions, crafts to its climate. In the north are the challenging Himalayas, in the south, west and east are miles and miles of beaches. Throughout the length and breadth of the country are ancient towns and cities and breathtaking wildlife parks. In all, it is a drama, and quiet literally a beautiful visual assault on the senses.